1 September, 2015

Dowerin Day

In support of our client CSBP, NGIS executives and our CSBP project team recently ventured out bush to the annual Dowerin Field Days. It was a long, but great day, and as you can only imagine, a good bonding experience for the travelling party of six burly NGIS blokes in a 4-wheel drive. It was great opportunity to spend time with our valued client, CSBP, gain an insight into their industry and meet some of their clients.

CSBP, Anthony Foss said, “We really enjoy working and partnering with NGIS. As soon as we met them we knew they were the type of company we wanted to work with. They have taken the time to get to know our business and the challenges we face, resulting in good solutions to solve our problems. We really appreciate them putting down their city tools for the day and coming up to Dowerin with us.”


The Dowerin Field Days is an annual agricultural event that is a staple on every farmer’s calendar. People coming from far and wide to see the latest in agricultural equipment and services. NGIS team noted it great to see the amount of activity and progress in Agribusiness on the back of consecutive good seasons.

NGIS Managing Director, Paul Farrell said, “We are excited to see the Agribusiness industry embracing and harnessing digital technology. NGIS is excited to be at the cutting edge, working in partnership with clients such as CSBP to assist them in using mapping technology to provide advanced services, such as precision agriculture, to its customers. Many organisations are already reaping enormous benefits such as improved productivity; improved crop yield and increased profits.”


Digital innovation is changing the game here in Australia. Productivity and yield are inherently location based challenges. Precision Agriculture is based on measuring health and responding to variability across paddocks. With the technology now available to leverage a wealth of satellite images to monitor crop health  – solutions can now deliver the answers that organisations needs to optimise outputs. Online mapping is increasingly being used as the best method for communication and planning in Agribusiness.

There are some big changes happening in the global Agribusiness industry.

Australia will need to take some significant steps, to keep up and stay relevant and competitive with the rest of the world. According to a recent industry report, investment into agribusiness innovation worldwide could top $4b this year, up from $2.4b in 2014. Of concern, Australia is currently outside the top ten global nations investing in Agribusiness innovation. Currently there is only a small percentage of Australian growers using precision technology compared to other countries. This represents a huge opportunity for Australian organisations to invest in precision technology.


Article in The West Australian https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/countryman/a/29332948/csbp-google-map-way-for-farms/

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