Skyline Enterprise

  • length:
    1 Day
  • Cost:
    $795 +GST
  • Time:
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Presenter:
    Jack Green or Nicholas Chai
  • Or contact NGIS to request a corporate course.

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    wait for detail
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SkylineGlobe Server is a private cloud solution that provides you with a set of web services for the distribution and management of 3D spatial data. The training course will cover the administration of this product for providing various 3D data sources through streaming services.

Through this training course you will learn how to use SkylineGlobe Server and Terrabuilder products as part of an enterprise deployment of Skyline technology. The course will provide you with all the necessary skills to process your terrain data with TerraBuilder for enterprise delivery through SkylineGlobe server.


TerraExplorer Pro training course or equivalent experience.


  • TerraBuilder overview
  • SkylineGlobe Server Overview
  • Processing Terrains
  • Adding Raster Layers
  • TerraBuilder configuration
  • Point Cloud Configuration
  • Vector Configuration
  • Server Configuration
  • Server Management

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