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ArcGIS model builder enables the formulation of geoprocessing work flows, linking single GIS tasks and functions together to produce a desired outcome. The power of model builder lies in its ability to store complex geoprocessing models which not only document and streamline a process, but enable efficient replication of the model using flexible parameters, and the ability to automatically perform model iterations.

Model Builder represents a significant advancement in the way GIS processing is conducted and stored, and it’s easy to use graphical interface makes linking processes together relatively painless. Models are stored as wizard driven tools in ArcToolbox, and can be easily distributed. ArcGIS model builder can be used for generating models ranging from simple feature selection and buffer models to advanced site suitability models using a number of Spatial Analyst and spatial statistics tools. Any tool in ArcToolbox can be embedded into a custom model, including any custom script that has been generated using the python scripting language.

The Model Builder Short course will expose participants to the Model Builder interface, and demonstrate the use of all the major Model Builder functions. By the end of the course participants will be comfortable with creating and editing custom models and be able to implement simple to advanced models using a variety of parameters.

Suggested Prerequisite Courses

Geoprocessing and Analysis


  • Model Builder Interface.
  • Wizard Driven model setup.
  • Linking Processes together.
  • Utilising Model Parameters and Variables to enhance the model wizard settings.
  • Generating a simple selection model.
  • Developing multi process models utilising geoprocessing tasks.
  • Model scripting using Python

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