Map Production

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    1 Day
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    $715 +GST
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    8:30 AM- 5:00 PM
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The Map Production short course will show you all the tips and tricks that are needed to create functional, effective maps using ArcGIS. The line between GIS and CAD is becoming increasing blurred with every new release of ArcGIS, whereby the ArcGIS software package presents a fantastic application for the generation of high quality map products. Learn how ArcGIS can create accurate professional looking hard copy maps incorporating insets, overviews and detailed marginalia both simply and effectively.

Suggested Prerequisite Courses

Introduction to ArcGIS


  • Symbolising Layers – Custom symbols and styles, image effects.
  • Making the most of multiple data frames – Insets, overviews and extent rectangles.
  • Organising the map layout.
  • Using layout assistance such as guides and rulers.
  • Customising a legend.
  • Generating effective grids, graticules and reference grids.
  • Incorporating graphs onto maps.
  • Presenting tables and objects on a map

Upcoming courses

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