Foundation for ArcGIS Pro

  • length:
    1 Day
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    $795 +GST
  • Time:
    9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
  • Presenter:
    Nicholas Chai, Jack Green or Chris Hoar
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ArcMap users are migrating to ArcGIS Pro because of its faster tools and integrated 2D and 3D capabilities.

This practical hands-on 1-day course is designed to help you gain proficiency in ArcGIS Pro to view, manage, analyse, solve spatial problems, edit and map 2D and 3D spatial data, and to share maps and other GIS resources. 

Some of the highlights of ArcGIS Pro are:
  • 2D maps and 3D scenes in one application
  • Multiple layouts
  • Modern graphics support
  • 64-bit architecture
  • ArcGIS Online/ Portal for ArcGIS access

Come and experience the revolutionary must-have desktop application for any Desktop GIS professional – ArcGIS Pro, reinventing ArcMap and the way we work.

This course has been designed for: Map Designers, GIS Analysts, Data Editors, GIS Desktop Application Developers and GIS Database Designers. See course dates below.

10% Discount for AusIMM, SSSi and AIG members.


Introduction to ArcGIS course or equivalent experience.


  • Use the Ribbon GUI, views and navigation tools in ArcGIS Pro
  • Create ArcGIS Pro projects, maps, scenes, layouts and layers
  • Modify layer symbology
  • Visualise layers in 2D and 3D
  • Create and share multiple layouts for Projects
  • New editing and mapping features in ArcGIS Pro. Multiple maps per project
  • Use and share common geoprocessing tools
  • Streamline workflows using Tasks
  • Familiarise yourself with the new project structures and workflows


Exercise 1: Projects and Maps
  • Starting ArcGIS Pro
  • What is an ArcGIS Project
  • Creating Blank Project
  • Using Ribbon GUI
  • PROJECT tab
  • Project Page
  • Creating a Map Project
  • VIEW tab
  • Project pane
  • Contents pane
  • MAP tab
  • Navigate group
  • Layer group
  • Saving a Project
  • More MAP tab groups
  • Selection group
  • Inquiry and Labeling groups
Exercise 2: Layouts and Symbology
  • INSERT tab
  • Project group
  • New Map/Scene/Basemap
  • Import Map
  • New Layout
  • LAYOUT tab
  • Map Frames group
  • Map Surrounds group
  • Text group
  • Graphics group
Exercise 3: Editing
  • Creating a Subset of Data for Project Editing
  • EDIT tab
  • Start by Editing Point Features
  • Editing Line Features
  • Editing Polygon Features
  • Map Notes
Exercise 4: Geoprocessing and Tasks
  • ANALYSIS tab
  • Simple Geoprocessing workflow
  • Creating Simple Single-step Task
  • Adding More Steps to Task
  • Creating Task by Recording Steps
  • SHARE tab
  • Package group
  • Share As group
  • Status group
  • Save As group
  • Print
  • Export

10% discount for SSSI, AusIMM and AIG members

You are eligible for a 10% member discount if you are a member of SSSI, AusIMM or AIG. To register on this course and claim this discount please click this link

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