Using Google Maps to power transport

Variable message signs


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is a NSW State Government agency that is responsible for delivering the essential frontline services to people who use roads, harbours and waterways. RMS strive to make it easier for people to move around using various transport modes, including public transport (bus and ferry), cycling, walking, and motor vehicles. 

RMS uses Variable Message Signs (VMS) to communicate traffic information and road conditions to road users, so they can make informed decisions about their journey. 


RMS needed to provide road users with data to plan their journey, at an accurately low cost. Due to limited traffic data and black spots on the road network, this was particularly difficult to coordinate.

NGIS implemented Google's  information in order to calculate live journey times. Google Maps web services was integrated into the VMS publishing environment. RMS now has the capabilities to store the Google journey information in their off-line database for analysis and utilisation in future planning. This solution provides greater geographic coverage and fast, accurate and relevant results at an affordable cost.

Providing a real time solution to Sydney's traffic congestion

NGIS' solution with RMS is having a widespread impact on traffic congestion in Sydney with an additional 42 variable message signs enabled on 6 arterial routes throughout Sydney.

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