Providing a pathway

Digital transformation strategy

A plan for a digital future

The WA Department of Water is embarking on a journey of significant change, undertaking a business transformation to support its role as a custodian and steward of water resources in Western Australia.

This change will enable the department to plan and manage all water resources throughout Western Australia to support the state's growth and development by managing the availability and quality of water sustainability, now and for the future more effectively and efficiently.

Helping the department get aligned with the goals of the Office of Government Chief Information Office, NGIS worked with the department to formulate a plan for their digital transformation. The Digital Directions document provides a pathway to follow to achieve the department's goals and makes up the first stage of a full digital strategy.

Taking operations digital

The department has a clear goal of business transformation, but requires a better understanding of how digital fits within and enables this new operating model.

To go digital in a complex government environment means a thorough review of current systems, processes and interactions with customers. Management needed to look for places where new efficiencies could be found.

NGIS has produced the first part of this digital pathway as part of a two-phase approach, which articulated what the future would look like and how to get there.
Alden [Lee] went beyond the call of duty and provided valuable feedback to us, which we could then action. NGIS also presented the plan to the executive and it was well received.

- Hamish West, Senior Business Analyst

Digital Pathway

The first part of the strategy, called Digital Directions, describes what a digitally enabled department of water might look like. It provides the principles for how digital works in a government organisation and describes capability when at the end of transition.

The second stage of the approach will be to fully articulate the strategy and implementation plan, which provides management with realistic and detailed estimates to help them achieve their digital goals.

The department now understands how digital enablement will look and how it will support business transformation. The strategy and business case will also help the department decide on costs and benefits for pursuing a digital agenda.