Cloud-based Mapping

Smart water management platform

Distilling a sophisticated model into simple recommendations

Getting the maximum yield within your water allocation is top of mind for turf managers and farmers. Varying weather, soil and crop types make it difficult to know exactly how much water and nutrients to apply. Overwatering can waste water allocation and underwatering results in a sub-optimal crop. 

SWAN Systems and NGIS have developed a cloud based software platform to provide recommendations for the optimal scheduling of water and nutrients. The platform delivers user friendly scheduling, tracking and reporting, allowing you to do more with less. 

SWAN helps users in all sectors of the irrigation industry, including intensive horticulture, irrigated cropping and public open space such as parks, gardens, schools and sporting grounds.


SWAN Systems are a WA company with deep knowledge in the application of water and nutrient application. In a world of ever scarcer water, being able to get more out of your allocation is important for turf managers or farmers. SWAN had the scientific know-how to manage water better for their clients, but needed a way to take their approach and make it scalable. 

Their complex model takes data inputs from the weather bureau, soil-moisture sensors, observations from crop managers and calibrates it for the crop and soil type to produce a predictive model prescribing when to water and how much. 
The team at NGIS have overcome a lot of challenges by looking at things in a different way - turning a situation around and coming up with a solution.

- Ivor Gaylard, SWAN Systems Director


NGIS helped transform SWAN Systems' tool, which was originally a internal tool made up of series of spreadsheets, into a cloud based platform incorporating some cutting edge mapping technology.

The tool allows SWAN Systems to take their product to the whole of Australia with a view to expanding globally. 

Hear from SWAN Systems' directors Tim Hyde and Ivor Gaylard about the tool and what it has been like working with NGIS.