Integrate high resolution aerial imagery

Nearmap’s high resolution aerial imagery covers urban and metro areas across Australia. Their imagery is up to as accurate as 7 cm ground sampling distance, which is over six times more detailed than satellite imagery. Nearmap also provides time slices so you can see changes over time to areas of interest.

Integrating Nearmap's aerial imagery with other spatially enabled systems allow businesses to use their data with covered areas across Australia to inspect, plan or analyse sites accurately.


Nearmap simplifies construction planning with precise site information making mapping, measuring, monitoring and sharing the building progress with stakeholders easier.


Nearmap can provide a completely integrated property analytics solution by finding areas of interest and drilling down to deliver detailed property data and sales history.


Nearmap's imagery makes area inspection and detailed risk assessment simple and cost effective for insurance companies.

NGIS are integration partners

NGIS Australia is an integration partner of high resolution aerial imagery provider Nearmap. NGIS can leverage Nearmap’s extensive and accurate imagery to build enterprise applications integrating other systems such as geographic information systems, CRMs and ERPs. With NGIS’ experience in mapping integrations and location information, this partnership provides opportunities to leverage imagery for businesses with spatial challenges.

Examples of technologies NGIS can integrate Nearmap imagery with: 


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Industry examples

Site planning demonstration using Nearmap's imagery and Skyline technology.
Perth office
1a/53 Burswood Road,
Burswood WA 6100,
Sydney office
Level 24, Three International Towers,
300 Barangaroo Ave,
Sydney NSW 2000,