Solve problems at planetary scale

Google Earth Engine

Detect changes, map trends and quantify differences on the Earth's surface

Google Earth Engine brings the best of Google to tackle the challenge of working with an ever expanding catalogue of imagery. The massive Google Cloud compute is combined with a range of data sources including satellite imagery to deliver capability through API’s to provide answers to questions about our world at a scale that previously was impossible. Where previously the approach would be to create data products that can take days, weeks or months to produce, Google Earth Engine applies cloud compute to deliver truly dynamic web based imagery analysis.

NGIS has been partnering with the Google team for almost five years around the innovative Google Earth Engine platform to apply this product to real world applications and projects. 

Cutting Edge Imagery Platform

Embedded open data

One platform


High quality, regular and rich satellite imagery. (ESA Sentinel imagery - 10m resolution, 5 day revisit, 13 bands)

Use a world of data from our planet that Google has pre-loaded and made available for interrogation

Ingest and manage bespoke data sources in one platform to use alongside Google's

Use the grunt of Google's servers to develop high performing web applications

Understanding our world

Google Earth Engine provides the capability to answer the big questions, to monitor our world and analyse change. Google Earth Engine combines a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities and makes it available for scientists, researchers, and developers to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface.

Ahead of the curve

NGIS has worked with a number of early adopters to apply the Google Earth Engine platform to tackle unique challenges:
  • CSBP Limited and Decipher – Global crop analysis delivering unparalleled insights and capability to the precision agriculture market
  • Coastal Risk Australia and Coastal Risk Vanuatu – World first websites providing dynamic sea level rise inundation modelling covering enormous coastlines
  • SWAN Systems – scalable vegetation health analysis to inform water and nutrient management

See the case studies

Google Earth Engine provides embedded workflows for delivering imagery data from open data sources including NASA (Landsat) and ESA (Sentinel). The Sentinel data catalog in particular provides comprehensive 10m resolution imagery at a 5 day revisit rate with 13 bands of multispectral data to analyse the surface. The Google Earth Engine platform provides a fully integrated data workflow that enables users to focus on the algorithms and analytics that use the data whilst Google takes care of the full data supply chain.

Along with the extensive catalog of open imagery in Google Earth Engine users can also ingest and analyse additional imagery from commercial providers. Whether this is weather data, imagery captured from drones or aerial photography Google Earth Engine provides a dedicated platform for managing imagery and building products and web applications from an archive that is capable of combining a range of data sources.

Early adopter program

If you are looking to solve real world problems on a global scale, you can apply to use Google Earth Engine. The platform is available to a limited number of applications and requires approval from Google to use it. If you are interested in joining the Google Earth Engine early adopter program get in touch with NGIS. As a leading partner of Google Earth Engine, we can help you use the platform, procure a commercial licence or build a solution for your business.

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