NGIS has partnered with 3vGeomatics (3vG), a market leader in Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR). InSAR is a technique that maps the changes in ground height with millimetric precision to detect and measure displacement over time. 

3vG uses radar satellite images to detect and measure ground and infrastructure displacement across large areas. This technology informs us of subsidence, uplift and other movements to help prevent environmental accidents, improve safety, and maintain operational success. 

Customised InSAR services built on 3vG technology can benefit a range of industries, including: 


Water management




Oil and gas


Urban infrastructure



Benefits of using InSAR

  • High Precision: Ability to detect 1 – 2 mm of displacement per year
  • Large Area Coverage: Images (areas of analysis) that are 1500+ km² each
  • Dense Data Coverage: Typically generate tens of millions of data points per area of interest
  • Remote Sensing: No ground instruments or in-person inspections required
  • Full Site Monitoring: Often detects displacement in areas of unknown risk
  • Measurement Frequency: Updated displacement measurements after each satellite revisit (typically every 2 – 12 days)

Ongoing Monitoring

3vG’s ongoing monitoring program is designed to provide actionable intelligence to mitigate risk. Their InSAR services program also monitors vital assets such as tailings dams, pipeline right of ways, and bridges, as well as critical slopes for creep and landslide detection. 

3vG is the world leader in InSAR monitoring of mines. Read how they were able to mitigate risk at an open-pit copper mine in the Southern USA. 

Read the case study

Podcast: All things InSAR with 3vGeomatics

NGIS Marketing Manager, Sarah Butler sat down with General Manager at EO Data Science, Sam Atkinson and (virtually with) the Chief Technology Officer at 3VGeomatics, Parwant Ghuman to find out what InSAR is, why it's cool and how it can be applied within the Australian context and how it's being used at the moment to fight climate change. Listen to the full #LocationMatters podcast episode below: 


Data visualisation tools

In addition to providing accurate and actionable intelligence, 3vG presents it in an easy to interpret format. Deliverables can include vector data usable in mapping software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, MapInfo or AutoCAD. 3vG also supports integration into mining programs such as MAPTEK, Navstar/GeoExplorer, MineSight, and Canary.

Historical analyses

3vG can conduct a data archive search of all of the relevant satellite image databases to determine data availability over a specific area of interest. If sufficient imagery is available, they can conduct an InSAR analysis of these images to measure displacement over an associated time frame. 

Read how 3vG conducted an InSAR historical analysis on an open-pit mine and tailings facilities for a North American mine.

Read the case study

How can 3vG technology support your next project? 

As partners of 3vG, NGIS can assist you with your next project using InSAR technology to monitor displacement and mitigate risk.

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