9 November, 2016

Why NGIS have an annual volunteering day

Each year NGIS take our entire company out of the office to give back to the community in a volunteering day.

In previous years we have donated staff time to Parkerville Children and Youth Care, which was a valuable exercise for a worthy cause. This year, on November 11, we are working with the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary is run by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy which aims to protect 19,500 ha of land across the Avon Valley and Walyunga National Park.

NGIS will work to remove old fence lines in the sanctuary, fill in holes and locate points of interest using GPS for walk trails so safety information placards can be placed.

Volunteering is seen as a crucial building block to generate a sustainable business at NGIS. It is with great pride NGIS holds the annual volunteering day, taking people out of the office routine to invest their time and energy into something which matters to the community.

Executive Director Richard Bentley says company values – Caring, Unified and Professional – are reflected in the volunteering day.

“The annual volunteering day is a uniquely powerful activity to drive social change. We have integrated company values into the workplace offering a valuable experience which maintains and develops our culture.”


The volunteering day empowers employees to grow together and build relationships with each other while giving back to the community.


Incorporating the entire company is a large investment of manpower, but Bentley says it’s for all the right reasons. This exercise is rewarding as it allows employees to immerse themselves in different activities, building professional development skills but also generate closer interpersonal skills as a company.


NGIS holds the annual volunteering day to inspire employees to extend their social impact and knowledge. NGIS is moving towards being a more profitable and sustainable company who grows together, investing in employees’ strengths to create a vibrant company filled with talented people.

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