9 December, 2016

Staff culture — how it has unlocked our success

At after work drinks recently we were enjoying the sunshine and the view of the Perth skyline over the Swan river, when a group of women entrepreneurs came and asked to share our table. Naturally we started networking and one lady said to me she was completely blown away by the passion as I spoke about the business. She said it must be a pretty good place to work and I thought, with no small amount of pride, she was actually right. Sometimes it takes an outsider to notice these sorts of things as after time you can take things for granted.

We work closely with our clients to provide quality solutions, placing importance on open communication, valuing every member and inspiring more innovative business solutions.

The key to our innovative solutions is living the company’s core values of ‘Caring – Unified – Professional’ in everything we do.

NGIS’ staff culture is built upon teamwork. We have a saying written on our wall: ‘It’s amazing what can be achieved when nobody cares who gets the credit’ – Harry S Truman, which is an important philosophy of the company’s success.

One of the best things about working at NGIS is we get asked to solve some of the most difficult technical challenges in society. We pair these with some of the most experienced members of the IT community.

Recruitment is key to a successful staff culture. As NGIS grows, communicating these values and our expectations is vital. Clients recognise and trust NGIS will communicate these values and provide them with valuable and advanced business solutions. The result is a strong reputation amongst those who know us best.

Apart from the work we do at our desks, NGIS is a great place to work because we commit to the team and the community. We get engaged in events like as charity rides, office Olympics, fundraising and volunteering days.

Developing common ground through these shared experiences keeps the team united, focused and supportive of each other. NGIS strives to make a difference, however small, in the community and continue to grow as a sustainable business.


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