11 June, 2019

Simple no-code mapping tools for teams

We live in a world where location and maps have become a core component to an organisations value offering.

Uber’s entire operation is based on the strength of its mapping capability for their customers who need to get a ride, Domino’s use maps to show their customers exactly where their pizza is on the delivery journey and the Bureau of Meteorology uses maps to communicate up-to-date extreme weather events and warnings to all Australian’s.

Typically, map building duties would fall to a data scientist or GIS team, however mapping products have evolved and now you don’t have to be a GIS professional to create informative, useful maps for your audience.

Whether you need to show the geographic distribution of survey data, create a store-locator or demonstrate to your customers how to get from A to B, we uncover some of the easiest products on the market to help get you started making maps.

And the best part? No coding required.

Esri’s Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Esri is a mapping technology that is used by GIS professionals across many industries including mining, transport, infrastructure, agriculture and more.

While Esri’s advanced mapping functionality has generally only been utilised by GIS professionals, the ‘advanced and technical’ stigma associated with the product has been alleviated through the development of an app that makes it easier for non-GIS trained teams to use Esri technology.

The Esri ArcGIS Web AppBuilder prides itself on having four simple steps for users to create compelling maps:

  1. Pick a style for the map

  2. Import your data

  3. Choose your functionality

  4. Test, launch and share

The app boasts a number of cool features including options for both 2D and 3D maps, personalisation of colours and branding, more than 50 widgets and responsiveness across an array of mobile devices.

So, if you know that your company is using Esri’s ArcGIS platform - there is now another way in which you can get involved in the action!

NGIS is an Esri partner and offers software licensing, support and training for Esri products. Get in touch with us for more information.

CARTO Builder

Similar to Esri Web AppBuilder, CARTO Builder uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to enable users to create visually compelling maps and reduce the time-to-insight ratio.

In addition to this, users can take advantage of CARTO Builder’s library of versatile and relevant datasets that add value to an organisations own data. The CARTO data library includes (but is not limited to):

  • Financial data

  • Real estate data

  • Foot traffic data

  • Demographics data

  • Points of interest data

CARTO Builder is also a highly-scalable product that can handle hundreds of millions of records - which means you can add as much as you like to your map at any time.

Most of all, CARTO is best known for having some of the most aesthetically pleasing maps in the market. If communicating your insights clearly and concisely is important, CARTO is the perfect platform for you.

NGIS is the CARTO master reseller for Asia-Pacific, get in touch with our team if you’d like more information about using CARTO or get started immediately with a free trial.


The newest non-coding mapping product on the scene is HERE XYZ.

Created by mapping and location intelligence platform, HERE Technologies, HERE XYZ allows users live access to uploaded data, flexibility in rendering tools and cloud services.

HERE XYZ is built around the XYZ Hub API, developers can invoke the XYZ Hub API directly or explore it via the HERE Command Line Interface. Users can leverage the XYZ Hub API via a web-based interface called XYZ Studio to visualise data in Hub for simple map creation.

HERE XYZ is accessible in beta and includes:

  • Location datasets uploaded via the XYZ Hub API, immediately available for management, editing and quick display using XYZ Studio

  • Integration between HERE XYZ and third-party mapping products, including Leaflet, Tangram and Three.js

  • The ability to make maps with XYZ Studio without having to write any code.

Everything NGIS does has something to do with a map: we advise clients on spatial technology, consult in GIS services, build custom applications, train our clients technically and sell licences for the industry's best technologies.

As a full service consultancy we can help you set a path, build capacity or create a tool that enables data driven decision making.

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