25 January, 2019

SSSI Map-a-thon attendees map areas destroyed by Cyclone Gaja

The second SSSI WA Map-a-thon, sponsored by NGIS, saw SSSI members using their mapping knowledge and skills for good.

The participants digitised features such as roads and infrastructure in countries experiencing humanitarian crises, that have not been mapped before.

Mappers focused their efforts on the southern part of India which is recovering from the destruction of  cyclone Gaja.

The maps digitised during the map-a-thon will be utilised by NGO’s working in the region to provide aid in affected areas.

A total of 303 buildings and 268 kilometres of roads were successfully mapped by the attendees and prizes were awarded to participants who digitised the most features on the day.

The official winners of the SSSI WA Map-a-thon are Reagan Cope, Gabor Matuza and Christopher Pedler.

NGIS congratulates everyone involved and looks forward to the next Map-a-thon event.

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