Podcast: Location Matters

Podcast: Location Matters

Location Matters is a podcast devoted to the map and to the GIS industry. We discuss anything that has to do with data, mapping software, industry trends and best practices. Our aim is to give you something interesting to talk about when you get to the office or to spark some interest in how a map could help you make informed decisions. 

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Welcome back to season two of Location Matters! On today's episode we discuss neural networks - What they are? What sorts of problems can be solved using neural networks? How important is having a good training dataset? And finally, how often do marketers and salespeople misuse and abuse the term 'AI' (artificial intelligence) when discussing machine learning. To unpack the world of neural networks, we welcome the General Manager, Sam Atkinson and Senior Data Scientist, Ammar Mahmood from EO Data Science.

EO Data Science career opportunities - https://eodatascience.com/About/Careers
Deeplearning.ai - https://www.deeplearning.ai/
GEO - GEE Program announcement - https://newsroom.eodatascience.com/geo-and-google-earth-engine-announcement

Businesses across Australia and New Zealand are now opening their offices back up to staff and employees. Our team here in Western Australia are especially grateful to be moving back into the office in our teams however, for many parts of Australia, this is the start of introducing staff back to the office. MapsIndoors Lite, a product created by the MapsPeople team, was built to give businesses the opportunity to map out a safe plan of action through their indoor navigation platform that takes into account where people are moving and sitting, alerting people to safe distancing measures and removing areas of foot traffic congestion. Listen to our latest Location Matters episode featuring Oliver Looker, General Manager of our technology partner, Liveli and Christian Muggler from the indoor mapping team, MapsPeople.

On the Location Matters podcast, we cover all topics geospatial, whether that's new technologies, partnerships or inspiring people in the industry. If you want to be updated on when the latest Location Matters podcast episodes come out - please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, 'follow' on Spotify or Stitcher.

MapsPeople - https://www.mapspeople.com/
Liveli - https://liveli.com.au/
MapsIndoors Lite - https://blog.mapspeople.com/mapsindoors-lite-guiding-you-back

While we normally release new episodes fortnightly, we're bringing you a bonus episode today with a very special announcement. The Indigenous Mapping Workshop (IMW) Australia has announced a launch date of the 22nd of September 2020 for the Indigenous Mapping Workshop Australia On Demand. 

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop provides geospatial training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The workshop usually takes in-person and each year is hosted in a different Australian city to provide easier access to all. The IMW team has been working hard to launch an online learning platform and we can finally hear all about it from Andrew Dowding, Managing Director at Winyama and part of the steering committee for IMW, Sarah Butler, Marketing Manager at the NGIS Group and IMW committee member and Merindah Bainsfather-Scott, GIS Analyst at Winyama and leading the curriculum for IMW Australia On Demand..

Indigenous Mapping Workshop Australia website - https://www.imwaustralia.com/
Winyama Digital Solutions - https://www.winyama.com.au/

We've had CARTO's Marketing Manager, Florence Broderick on the Location Matters podcast before and what a pleasure it was to chat to Florence again. The CARTO team has adapted to the pandemic rapidly with the launch of CARTO Grants, giving access to the CARTO platform to help people fight and contain COVID-19. In this episode of Location Matters, Florence covers some of the incredible and inspiring use cases that have come out of the CARTO Grants and we can't wait to share them with you.

CARTO Grants - https://carto.com/covid-19
CARTO 5 newsletter - https://go.carto.com/subscribe-to-the-carto-5
CARTO blog - https://carto.com/blog/ 
Webinar: Understand your product demand: Combining Google Analytics data with CARTO - https://content.liveli.com.au/drdcartowebinar
CARTO Master Reseller in Australia - https://liveli.com.au/Our-Technology/Carto 

From primary to high school and at a tertiary education level, Dr Karen Joyce is empowering students to make decisions about the environment around them using remote sensing tools and techniques. We're excited to have guest speaker, Dr Karen Joyce on this episode of Location Matters to cover how her career evolved into becoming a senior lecturer in remote sensing at James Cook University and her work in forming the SheMaps initiative, encouraging young girls to get excited about STEM subjects.

She Maps - https://shemaps.com/
Homeward Bound - https://homewardboundprojects.com.au/
Indigenous Mapping Workshop - https://www.imwaustralia.com/
Playlist for 'A day in the life of a geospatial scientist' youtube mini series - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRrQArPWjCiX1xNMAa9VFHjXQ13hhPJRu
Dr Karen Joyce' education resources - http://kejoyce.com/education
SheMap's Map My School project - http://mapmyschool.com.au/


Location Matters is hosted by Sarah Butler, who is regularly joined by Managing Director Paul Farrell. The podcast is produced by Jaimee Nobbs.

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