21 July, 2018

Podcast: Trends in Location Intelligence 2018


Richard Bentley and Paul Farrell give their analysis on the 'why' behind Location Intelligence Trends for 2018, according to the CARTO whitepaper with the same name. Are Australian businesses up to speed with LI? Do we know how to use data to make decisions? Find out in this week's episode.


1:14  What is location intelligence and is Australian industry familiar with it?

4:50  How many boardrooms in Australia are using location intelligence to make decisions?

5:42  55% of companies are familiar, but only 17% use location intelligence to make decisions - why is there a disconnect?

8:22  Why do companies struggle with data quality and accuracy? 

10:37  Do you need real time data and where can you get it? 

13:06  Common use cases for location data are around marketing - what else can companies do?

15:31  What do companies need to do to start using location data?

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