7 June, 2018

Podcast: The Power of Maps with NGIS MD Paul Farrell


Maps are a powerful storytelling tool and when they are well designed, help us make decisions based on data. Listen to Paul Farrell and Richard Bentley talk maps on the podcast, like they have been for the last 25 years.

In this episode:

0:35 What is a map?

3:10 Why should we use a map?

5:45 We probably don’t always need a map - When should we not use a map?

7:45 Why do I need to spend money developing a map? Why is Excel not enough - when do I need a map?

8:55 What is location data?

9.25 Where do I get location data?

10:20 What about CRM? Is the addresses data of my customers or value of sales data an example of location data?

11:30 What are some good examples of maps you’ve seen recently?

14:00 What are the characteristics of a good map?

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