3 August, 2018

Podcast: Google Maps Platform with Nicola Dalmazzo

Google Maps Platform is the new commercial model for Google Maps API. It will change the way many businesses use the APIs and will allow many companies that previously couldn't make the business case stack up to start using it. However others will find their costs go up. Google's Nicola Dalmazzo sits down with NGIS to talk about the changes and where we can get value out of the world's favourite webmap.


0:51 Google Maps is evolving - where is it going as a platform?

4:06 How are people using Google Maps to innovate today?

6:26 Where would you like Google Maps to go next and what problems could it solve?

7:48 The nexus between Google Cloud Platform and Maps - you can ask so many new questions, but where do you start?

10:03 Are GIS people going to move more into cloud or vice versa

12:36 How does the new Google Maps Platform commercial model align with companies' revenue model?

15:39 How does someone determine if Google Maps is good value for their business?

18:11 What sorts of companies will benefit from Google's new commercial model?


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