26 July, 2018

Podcast: Collaboration in the spatial industry with Frontier SI

The recently renamed Frontier SI (formerly the Collaborative Research Centre for Spatial Information - CRC SI) works with public, private and research organisations to use spatial technology to create value for society. Join Nathan Eaton of NGIS and Nathan Quadros of Frontier SI to hear about how collaboration leads to outcomes in the world of location.


00:50 You're now called Frontier SI (formally CRC SI) - tell us about the future

2:25 What does it take to become a CRC and why are you moving beyond it?

4:00 Why is spatial technology a good field for a CRC?

4:49 How collaboration with a CRC works

6:20 Where do you get the most success?

7:18 Australian universities great research, but are they getting their products out to market?

9:11 How does someone get your attention for a project?

10:52 What are the growth areas for spatial in Australia and the world?

13:09 Traditional science has been flipped with data now available

14:24 We've won the UN award together for sea level rise and people love these maps, why do people respond so well to it?

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