25 May, 2018

Podcast: Landgate CEO Jodi Cant and the profitable, innovative government department


A profitable government department. Landgate has spent the last 10 years fostering innovation through a structured program. Innovation program founder and now Landgate CEO Jodi Cant joined NGIS to discuss how a government agency can spin off companies and provide an environment where start ups can take advantage of public assets.

In this episode:

0:35 What do you see is Landgate’s role as being a provider of spatial services and data for Western Australians going forwards?

1:35 How does Landgate as the land information authority benchmark against other similar departments around Australia?

2:20 How do you deal with the tension between providing income for Landgate and providing community based typographic information?

3:45 You were one of the trailblazers in WA government - How did you get from being a government employee to starting this innovation hub?

5:10 Do you think it was a coincidence that the first innovation program in Australia was in spatial technology?

5:45 10 years on - what do you think you’ve achieved in the Innovation Hub?

7:25 If someone came to you and said they’d like to replicate what you’ve achieved - what would you tell them to do? What are the first steps?

8:50 How do you [Jodie] think Landgate is different to other government departments in their behaviour?

11:45 Why does data replication occur across departments/ why is it allowed to occur?

1:05 What environment do you need to build for people inside your organisation to be successful or add that innovation?

14:50 How do people get in contact with SPUR?

16:25 SPUR’s had a few really good success stories that we’ve seen in the market. Are there any other departments that you’d like to see, in different industries or states, that you would like to see start up an innovation program?

17:45 Final thoughts about innovation, government or spatial?

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