5 July, 2017

NGIS wins WAITTA award: Most effective platform

NGIS Australia won the Most Effective Platform category for FERTview, partnering with CSBP Limited at the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTA).

NGIS Australia also confirmed a National finalist position for the Most Disruptive Technology category with GreenPrecision, also partnering with CSBP Limited.

The recognition at WAITTA for building disruptive and sustainable solutions is a great reward for the efforts of NGIS staff and the high quality products delivered to our clients.

Most effective platform award

FERTview enables users to access digital farm maps in a simplistic tool using the myCSBP program, for review of the biomass imagery, rotation plans, yield data and sample sites. FERTview utilises CSBP’s existing NUlogic sampling and lab analysis services to continue providing customers data and knowledge for fertilisers.

Most disruptive technology nomination

GreenPrecision, developed by NGIS Australia and CSBP limited helps farmers analyse vegetation on a global scale throughout time. Farmers are able to understand the crop variability and growth of pastures using GreenPrecision to enable effective decision making.

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