8 July, 2022

NGIS named in Australian Financial Review’s Sustainability Leaders list

Today NGIS was named a category innovator in the Australian Financial Review’s Sustainability Leaders List of 2022, in association with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for our work in delivering next generation climate and geospatial solutions with our sustainable sourcing product TraceMark. Alongside 180 other Australian businesses, we were assessed on how we are making real progress in tackling sustainability challenges, whilst delivering business value. NGIS was awarded category innovator in the Technology, Media and Communications category. 

In order to take out category innovators, TraceMark was assessed through a rigorous judging process including a team of independent analysts and a panelist of judges from BCG and the AFR using the “Sustainable Business Model Innovation” (SBM-I) methodology.

NGIS Managing Director, Paul Farrell said “TraceMark provides visibility into the first mile of the supply chain, a critical stage for quantifying sustainability and ESG metrics and monitoring progress towards formal sustainability commitments. Getting this recognition by AFR is a fantastic reward for the great work being done by our amazing team at NGIS.”

“This continues our mission to deliver high impacts for organisations looking to address sustainable development, climate change and to support Indigenous communities and people using geospatial technology”.

Becoming Sustainability Leaders 

In addition to this fantastic achievement, NGIS was recently announced the Google Cloud Industry Solution Partner of the Year for the Sustainability category. Alongside other global leaders, NGIS was recognised for driving exceptional outcomes in working with a large number of customers globally addressing a range of significant challenges including climate change, biodiversity, disaster risk reduction and sustainable sourcing. 

The outcome of these awards can be attributed to the hard work and innovation our team has shown in delivering world class climate and sustainability solutions. Our work with TraceMark is enabling global organisations to embed a data driven approach to the sustainable sourcing of raw commodities, ultimately delivering transparency and traceability in supply chains.

“Building TraceMark has been a huge achievement for our team of eight developers, because this kind of thing has never been done before. Analysing satellite imagery to provide near real-time measurements of our clients' local environmental impact is a complex challenge. 

We've been successful doing this at global scales, which is a real testament to what can be achieved for sustainability with the help of technology. We are excited to see how TraceMark can enable companies to progress in the future” said Dave Allen-Williams, Solution Architect at NGIS.

To achieve this, we have worked closely on the development and subsequent improvements of TraceMark with our technology partner Google. With this collaboration we have been able to deliver a world-class solution that brings together the most critical information that companies need to deliver on their sustainability commitments, all in one centralised location. With Google we are building technology that helps people and organisations do more for the planet.

Our Executive Director, Nathan Eaton, gave a lightning talk at this year’s Google Cloud Sustainability Summit, alongside Dr Erin McCrelless of Rainforest Trust, a non-profit organisation which protects endangered animals and their habitats in critical areas across the globe. We have been working with Rainforest Trust to help them monitor habitat threats over time across more than 39 million acres of tropical habitat across more than 68 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. In order to protect and track these areas, we have implemented TraceMark to help Rainforest Trust monitor their portfolio of protected areas on a ‘real-time’ basis, meaning their teams can respond to threats in real-time too. 

Press play to watch the full lightning talk.

Looking to the future 

The work doesn’t stop here. NGIS is consistently striving for greater achievements with our commitment to sustainability. 

Our focus on first mile sustainability is enabling our team to partner with enterprises that are adapting to  climate change. We are innovating with leading organisations to deliver transformative data driven capability across a range of sectors. With Google we are delivering next generation cloud geospatial capability that delivers the tools needed to adapt to our future climate.

If you’d like to learn more about our existing sustainability initiatives, click here.  



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