12 October, 2021

NGIS named Google sustainability partner

Today at the commencement of Google Next 2021, Google Cloud announced NGIS as one of five worldwide sustainability partners who are considered to be “leading data and application providers that will help global businesses and governments accelerate sustainability programs, inform decisions on future growth, and better understand the impacts of climate change.” In effect, confirming NGIS as a world leader in sustainable sourcing solutions.

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The announcement sees NGIS named alongside other leading technology and sustainability-focused companies, including our long-term partners CARTO and Planet—each bringing their core applications and data contributions to Google Cloud. This global collaborative effort will enable customers to access sustainability initiatives in the most efficient, proactive and effective cloud to date. The result of this joint approach is the most advanced and targeted effort in accurately assessing and addressing the impacts of climate change on our planet.

“NGIS is thrilled to work with Google Cloud and its partners to enable business accountability for sustainable practices at all levels of their supply chain. Google Earth Engine provides unique geospatial capability that enables our global approach to accelerate these initiatives, giving leaders visibility and control over their environmental footprint and that of their suppliers in a way that was not previously possible,” said Nathan Eaton, Executive Director, NGIS.


Accelerating sustainability initiatives across the world

The value that this announcement brings to our business, employees and partners is manifold. It further enhances our capacity to deliver our clients and our community geospatial and data-driven solutions for complex environmental and social world issues, namely through our TraceMark sustainable sourcing solution.

TraceMark was developed out of necessity, driven by the needs of a multinational consumer packaged goods (CPG) client, who sought out our services to address their core sustainability commitments. Our platform is the first of its kind in helping companies achieve greater transparency with regard to mapping and monitoring end-to-end supply chains.

For some time there has been debate and resistance in Australia and other parts of the world about how to quantify sustainability targets and emission reduction efforts. Today’s announcement solidifies how advanced and enabled we are, through the use of powerful and insightful technology. NGIS has proven success with this approach—utilising advanced geospatial technology to create the TraceMark platform, made possible by the highest resolution, daily cadence of Planet imagery coupled with the exceptional processing power and ability of Google Cloud and Google Earth Engine.

At NGIS we take our approach to sustainability seriously, our commitment extends from partner relationships, to our work, people and operations. Founded upon the values of ‘People, Partnership, Success’, relationships have always been paramount to the prosperity of the business. Through this approach, we have successfully grown in a sustainable manner—which now includes becoming one of five sustainability partners of Google.

As the world continues to grow and face evolving environmental changes, we could not be more proud to work with our partners to help build a sustainable future.

Together, we have an opportunity to shape how our world tackles the imminent and necessary changes required to ensure a whole and healthy future for all people.

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