3 April, 2018

NGIS is a Nearmap integration partner

NGIS Australia is now an integration partner of high resolution aerial imagery provider Nearmap.

Nearmap’s high resolution aerial imagery is up to as accurate as 7 cm ground sampling distance, which is over 6 times more detailed than satellite imagery. Nearmap also provides time slices so you can see changes over time to areas of interest.

NGIS’ developers and specialists can leverage Nearmap’s extensive and accurate imagery to build enterprise applications integrating other systems such as CRMs and ERPs.

Nearmap’s imagery can assist across industries such as insurance, construction and property management to detect changes over time.

You can also use the imagery to plan with detailed site information and provide comprehensive risk assessments. The high resolution also enables inspection without having to leave the office, allowing you to assess more jobs per day.

With NGIS’ experience in mapping integrations and location information, this partnership provides exciting opportunities for integrating Nearmap aerial imagery into a range of industries with spatial challenges.

Find out more about Nearmap here.

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