18 June, 2018

Make apps faster with CARTO's front-end design library

Location Intelligence platform creators CARTO have announced the launch of Airship, a front end design library for map applications.

Airship provides developers with pre-built code snippets to create customisable and beautifully designed user interfaces. It allows for an intuitive experience for both developers and the end users.

Airship is one of the tools CARTO released (alongside CARTO.js 4.0 and Developer Centre) at the CARTO Locations Madrid 2018 Conference.

Airship has a range of independent and reusable components that can be combined into advanced components. These components include:

Donut Chart:

Visualise a breakdown of categories and values.

Gauge Chart:

Visualise percentages with a customisable colour palette.


Buttons and switches:

Add a range of different buttons and switches into your LI application.



Turn layers of data on and off for simple filtering and powerful analysis.

Histogram & Stacked Bar Chart:

Adjustable colours and configuration of data in the form of a histogram or stacked bar chart. This also includes a hover over function to show only selected values.


Flags, Legends, Pop Ups & more:

Several other components have been added to display important information simply and beautifully.


To see how CARTO can help your businessget in touch with our CARTO technology partner, Liveli.

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