18 July, 2016

Kids take over NGIS office

NGIS parents brought their kids to work on July 13 so they could learn about where they work and pick up some knowledge about mapping. Bring Your Kids to Work Day is an internationally recognised initiative where children have an opportunity to spend time in their parent’s workplace to learn about the environment and gain some understanding of the business.

The agenda of the day included learning about topography using an interactive sand pit, tectonic plates and volcanoes. An exploding volcano was set off in the training room and a special map that shows the locations of the world’s active volcanoes was presented so the kids could learn about maps and layers of information.

The 17 kids in attendance wasted no time in re-branding the company during an executive brainstorming session to the surprise of the NGIS marketing team. They also enjoyed learning to make their own planets in the origami workshop.

There were smiles all around the office as staff got to know one another’s families and children got an insight into the world of their parents.

Thanks go to Spatial Sciences at Curtin University for allowing us to use the interactive sandpit demonstrator.

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