25 July, 2018

Join our Nearmap webinar July 26

NGIS are jointly running a webinar with Nearmap on July 26 to show how high quality imagery content can be used with your business systems to help you make better decisions.

NGIS Managing Director Paul Farrell will discuss a number of integrations the company has been involved in over the years where Nearmap imagery has been used to create material business value.

Whether it is a compliance check that previously took 30 minutes, but now takes two to complete - or when a telco operator can look at the cityscape in 3D and see instantly what level their tower needs to be with line of sight calculations - or a team that needs to plan field trips with knowledge of the local environment.

When you join Nearmap imagery content with data from your enterprise systems you provide context to decision makers and employees, giving them all the information they need.

Nearmap will present on their new products and how they can be used by industry.

Join the webinar here

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