26 April, 2018

How CARTO enables non GIS people to use mapping

Wanting to move into the mapping space but not sure where to start?

NGIS understand that for someone new to it, mapping can seem quite complex and you might not know where to start. To make this journey easier, we’ve created a free mapping kit for both technical and non technical GIS users to delve into mapping using CARTO software.

To help you get your feet wet with mapping and so you’ve got something to show, NGIS have created a typical scenario where a business is looking for answers from spatial data.

Bob’s Battery Buzzers is a fictitious roadside assistance company looking to expand from Melbourne into the WA market by purchasing a struggling WA company with existing clients.

Bob is faced with the challenge of finding the right number of vehicles needed to service the existing client base with the least investment. He also wants to know where they will be stationed approximately.

In the scenario NGIS give you the sample home addresses of the existing clients and will use the mapping tool CARTO alongside video instructions to help you provide recommendations to Bob showing where the cars will be stationed and how they will cover the Perth metro area.

This mapping kit will teach non GIS users the skills needed to perform analysis and make recommendations on resource allocation based on customer locations, assess sites and style your results on an interactive responsive web map.

Download your free mapping kit now

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