23 December, 2016

How 3D mapping software can help local councils

3D GIS software Skyline allows councils to evaluate the aesthetic, practical and environmental impact of a proposed project or natural event.

This cutting edge technology provides a realistic 3D environment, above and below ground where users can build, edit, navigate, query and analyse data.

Skyline provides solutions to local councils’ top problems: shadow analysis and sight calculations, expediting compliance investigations and monitoring waste site volumes.

Shadow analysis and sight calculations

With complex urban planning challenges arising out of population growth, its crucial to understand the impact of a new development on the surrounding environment. Modelling multi level developments on Skyline enables builders and councils to visualise the impact on views, shadowing on neighbouring houses and the aesthetics of the city. Calculations can be done from any level of a building development in a desktop study, helping you be more efficient.

Expediting compliance investigations

3D visualisation makes inspection tasks for urban developments easier — seeing pools or illegal extensions is easy when you can fly over the suburb. Skyline speeds up routine compliance tasks to ensure developments are in-line with regulatory standards for local councils. Easily investigating, reporting and advising on extensions and refurbishment activities are some of the use cases where Skyline can help optimise government practices. Helping local governments to make faster decisions allows permit applications to be processed faster, saving proponent costs.

Monitoring waste site volumes

Using drones to quickly and regularly capture 3D data allows local councils visualise and monitor waste facilities in Skyline. A data driven approach replaces traditional means of measuring waste volumes and eliminates human errors. Where previously an officer would visit the site and make best-guess qualitative assessments, Skyline enables councils to accurately measure and report on waste sites. Armed with accurate information, local governments can make decisions on waste facilities for maximum resource utilisation.

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