29 September, 2017

Google Cloud Summit – an exciting new phase for cloud

The world of cloud computing is becoming more accessible as Google joins the market and compete with Amazon Web Services and Azure.

NGIS were Gold sponsors at the recent Google Cloud Summit in Sydney, where we learned about the machine learning capabilities of Google Cloud Platform.

In a nutshell, Google Cloud Platform is the infrastructure and APIs that Google use internally to run services like Gmail and Youtube, but opened up to the world.

NGIS stand at the exhibition

On the NGIS stand we had lots of good conversations about spatial technology with people who came to see the cubesat from our partner Planet. Planet has close to 200 cubesats orbiting Earth to get daily imagery of the globe and the number of use cases that come out of that, combined with the power of machine learning are staggering.

It’s all about change detection: how fast is an oil spill moving? How many illegal fishing vessels are there in the Pacific Ocean and how fast are the moving? Where is the bushfire front going to move next?

We demonstrated some of the case studies we have from Google Maps-based projects for clients. Green Precision, REIWA and Coastal Risk Australia were popular ways of showing what’s possible with the technology.

If you’d like to find out more about what NGIS does in the cloud space with machine learning and the massive power of Google’s cloud compute, see our case studies or get in touch.

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