31 October, 2017

Enhance decision making by adding public data to your own

Augmenting your decision making with publicly available data to complement your own can lead to powerful business insight.
You can gain this insight by analysing data you collect through your business processes using spatial technology. Combining it with relevant demographics and economics data gives you a heightened ability to make decisions based on the map.
You might know where you’re achieving good subscription sales, but do you know if it’s in line with the actual potential of an area? Supplementing your proprietary information with population, dwelling numbers and the socio-economic rating data of a region lets you see if an area is indeed performing as expected or not.
Like a policeman in a crime drama, at the beginning with limited evidence, they are presented with a list of potential answers to their crime, but without further context they know they’re only guessing. Adding layers of information leads them to make the most logical decision supported by evidence.
Data-driven decision making is paramount in business: proving a hunch is true is powerful outcome. Spatial analysis of your data gives your business the power to see relationships unseen in a spreadsheet or CRM.
Combining data from various trusted sources with your proprietary data on a map gives you the chance to do analysis and take the guesswork out of your business decision making.

Places to get free spatial data

State agencies:
Federal agencies:

Using Carto for location intelligence

You can use the Carto Data Observatory to add layers of information to your map, right in the same window. The Data Observatory does the leg work for you and brings in the data right alongside your other layers.
Once the data is in the same place, analysis is easy using the toolset in Carto Builder. If you’re able to find answers in MS Excel, its likely that with a small amount of help you’ll be able to get going with Carto and add maps to your tool kit.
To find out more about how you can use data to augment your decision making or for licensing and training enquiries, contact us.

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