4 May, 2016

Does your code enable all Google Maps features?

New features, bug fixes and performance improvements are continually being added to the Google Maps for Work API, but they are only added to the new versions of the code.

The question is: why should I use the latest version of the API?

Google announces new functionality via their development pages. Some recent improvements include the addition of predictive travel time, a useful fleet management and dispatch coordination feature. Other, more technical improvements are made on a regular basis.

NGIS recommend that you update to the latest stable API version every six months to strike the balance between programming cost and access to improved functionality.

Are you supported?

While building apps, developers will often use the experimental API code (3.exp) until they launch. The experimental API version is at the cutting edge of functionality, but it can potentially be unstable.

The experimental API is also not covered under the service level agreement (SLA) and is not supported by Google in production environments.

If you’re unsure about your API version or licence status and need help upgrading, please contact NGIS.


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