14 February, 2018

Decipher launches AgTech app

Google Earth Engine technology is backing a recent app release for Wesfarmers’ new AgTech start up, Decipher.

The company was spun out from CSBP Limited after the success of the GreenPrecision platform, built in partnership with NGIS.

The DecipherGO app allows you to “see, know, grow on the go” by showing you the biomass of your crop at any given point on your farm on your mobile device.

Using satellite imagery, Google Earth Engine measures NDVI to create a map and show where you have good crop performance at the moment and allows you to compare it to previous months and seasons.

Decipher business manager Wayne Hiller told The Countryman the app allows farmers to add the smarts from the satellite imagery to their intimate knowledge of their own paddocks.

"We wanted to bring decision making into the paddock, and package the power of the Decipher platform into a user-friendly app,” he told the newspaper.

"Farmers are aware that having sound nutritional insights is pivotal to enhancing crop yield."

"If you can quickly and accurately identify and analyse nutritional performance, you can make sure your crop gets the nutritional inputs it needs when it needs them.”

The app, which is available on iOS and Android was built in partnership by Decipher, Hatchd Digital, Adapptor and NGIS.

Green Precision technology is used in the DecipherGO app. To read the Green Precision case study, click here.

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