18 June, 2018

Data streams: how they are helping businesses make decisions with maps

It is now easier to solve the challenges around market analysis, store placement, sales management and other common business problems with the introduction of new data into the CARTO Data Observatory.

CARTO’s new data streams products were presented by their head of Asia Pacific Fernando Carrasco at a series of NGIS events around Australia at the beginning of June.

Business already know the questions they want answered: where should I place a store? Where do my customers come from? What sort of transactions are happening in this area? How are people moving along certain roads and routes?

The challenge has always been to get relevant data to support decisions. It has been a challenge in the past because data was simply not available, not recent enough, incomplete, had prohibitive privacy restrictions or required too much processing to make sense of it.

Now with the expanded CARTO Data Observatory these barriers to using premium external data sources are removed and you can incorporate them into your other company data for analysis.

New data streams

CARTO has added a range of new premium data sources into the Data Observatory, their marketplace for plug and play data, including Mastercard transaction data, Tom Tom and Waze movement data and Vodafone foot traffic data.

The data is pre-processed to take care of privacy issues and it comes in as a layer in your CARTO map along side any other data you have been analysing.

The ease of use of the data streams are what makes them valuable for business – there is no need to have special contracts in place with data providers or to have to data scientists on staff to manipulate the data into a usable format.

Get the data

The data is available to enterprise users of CARTO who have either a Builder or Engine licence. To find out how you can use it or to receive training on CARTO’s products, get in touch with our CARTO technology partner, Liveli.

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