Paul Farrell

Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of NGIS, leading its evolution as a global leader in creating impact with geospatial technology.
As a strategic thinker, Paul is driven by a profound belief in the power of geospatial technology as a catalyst for positive change in business and society. Making him a prominent figure in shaping the future of the geospatial sector. 
He is a sought-after advisor for government and commercial entities alike, renowned for his ability to explore transformative opportunities by making data and technology open, accessible and location-enabled. 
Paul holds several qualifications, including a Bachelor of Science (Honours), an Executive MBA from UWA (University of Western Australia) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from ANU (Australian National University). 
Paul is a graduate of the AICD, extending his influence with over a decade of experience serving as a board member for various private, government, not-for-profit, and publicly listed entities worldwide.


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