Alexandra Geer

Alexandra (more commonly known as Alex), joined NGIS in early 2021 with an established career, working both domestically and internationally with spatial analytics - delivering innovative, location-based solutions for projects and clients across the United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific and Australia. As the General Manager in our new Brisbane locale, Alex is responsible for NGIS’ QLD office. Amongst looking out for the team and clients in Queensland, she also coordinates a delivery team; and after spending many years as a solution engineer for a software vendor, she’s not afraid to jump in and deliver a demo when required.

A natural curiosity is what Alex attributes to her love of the industry - which she believes is about ‘understanding and solving problems, providing geographic knowledge to help people make better, more sustainable decisions in their work and lives.’ She notes that we are fortunate to do this through utilising the breadth of technology partners we have enabling us to deliver the best of breed GIS solutions, to solve our client’s challenges. When asked about her favourite aspect of NGIS, Alex says she loves the team culture and how her team are genuinely happy to come to work and dive into projects, collectively delivering for our clients.

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