Jumpstart Your Career with NGIS Graduate Program

Graduate GIS Analyst

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Full-Time

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Jumpstart Your Career with NGIS Graduate Program - Graduate GIS Analyst

About Us:

NGIS is a leading, dedicated geospatial consultancy and associated service provider. We partner with those who believe are the leading geospatial technology vendors globally and we leverage these relationships in order to provide the best, fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients' needs. Our team is comprised of geospatial experts, data scientists, remote sensing analysts, software engineers and machine learning or automation specialists. We welcome people with all geospatial skill sets and always look to have diversity and versatility amongst our ranks. At NGIS, everybody contributes and works together in a supportive and flexible work environment, and we still constantly push the limits to deliver or build something great.
Our GIS team is involved in a diverse range of projects, we work with clients, large and small, across many industries and apply our skills and expertise to projects and initiatives that often have a positive impact on the world we live in.
Check out our 2024 Impact Report for more information about our unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in everything we do.
We seek out people who can bring ideas to the table, those who are not afraid to show initiative, personnel who willingly offer a helping hand to their colleagues when it's needed, and those individuals who can provide project leadership across a variety of geospatial innovations, projects, and tasks. Our values and philosophies are clear, and we care deeply about what we do.

About the Opportunity

The NGIS Graduate Program is designed to develop industry professionals straight out of university. This three-year, full-time program will accelerate your career in geospatial, earth observations (data science), software engineering, and marketing industries.
Throughout your career at NGIS, you'll have the opportunity to gain industry-recognized technology certifications through our partner programs. Graduate employees can opt to gain a Google certification in a relevant field within their first two years of employment.
Upon completing the NGIS Graduate Program, you'll have:

  • An industry-recognised technology certification

  • Three years of experience working on real-world, impactful spatial projects

  • Opportunities to participate in many networking events within the industry

About you
  • Followed a Geospatial Information System (GIS) course

  • Open to Learning new skills within Geospatial

  • Committed to the GIS team and the responsibilities within the team


What's In It for You?

Our hybrid working system allows working from home 50% of the time, and our core office hours are between 9 and 4. We also offer a flexible 9-day fortnight schedule, allowing employees to work 76 hours over nine days instead of the standard ten. This benefit provides an extra day off every two weeks, promoting work-life balance and giving our team more time to recharge and pursue personal interests.
You'll work with a passionate, unified, and professional team. We are an impact-focused business in terms of both what we deliver for our clients and the projects we choose to support. We care about making a positive impact in the world and use software and data to tackle issues such as sustainable development, biodiversity and conservation, preservation of Indigenous rights and interests, climate change and disaster risk reduction.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

If you share our values and aspirations, are passionate about Geospatial Technology, and are looking for a role where you can make a tangible impact, we want to hear from you!
Please express your interest by June 30, 2024, and join us in this exciting journey to drive success at NGIS.