Five ways that Google Maps for Work
makes a difference for business

Google Map technology brings the power of GIS technology to business in a way previously not possible. Adding a spatial dimension to business problems produces insight and communicates information in new ways. Using Google’s familiar user interface and extensive map data gives businesses an opportunity to build an easy-to-use product that delivers real operational benefits. So how do you put location to work for your organisation See how innovative brands are serving customers, coordinating their teams and communicating with stakeholders.

Get local data
Provide your application with full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and points of interest with Google Places APIs.

Give your user the best route
With driving directions for 199 countries, the Directions API allows you to help users find their way to your shop, hotel or other destinations.

Get full access
Let your users see where they’re going before they even get there with visually accurate Street View imagery.

Find out more about how Google Maps for Work can help your business:

1. Decide with instant insight

2. Inform stakeholders quickly and reliably

3. Drive customer acquisition

4. Manage mobile teams

5. Monitor assets anywhere, anytime

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