Python Fundamentals

Length: 1 Day
Cost (AU$): $650 + GST
Upcoming training dates:
13 March – Perth
19 June – Perth
11 September – Perth
4 December – Perth
6 March– Melbourne


Since the release of ArcGIS 10.0 Python scripting has become better integrated with the desktop product. Through python scripting you can automate workflows and manipulate and change map documents and layers. Python is a flexible and fully functional scripting language that will help you take your use of ArcGIS to the next level by improving efficiencies and optimising processes. This introductory Python short course is the perfect place to start your journey into GIS scripting.

Suggested Prerequisite Courses

Geoprocessing and Analysis, Model Builder


  • Python Basics: Syntax, Variables, Looping
  • Python in the Field Calculator
  • Accessing Data: Using cursors and lists
  • Geoprocessing: Accessing Geometry and toolbox features
  • Manipulating Map Documents

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