Richard Bentley

Executive Director

Richard has more than 33 years’ experience in the spatial industry. With a wealth of knowledge in development and implementation of GIS solutions, he has a strong understanding of the commercial benefits achievable through the application of GIS technology within the a commercial environment.
At NGIS, Richard is the Business Unit Leader for Google Products with clients across Australia and New Zealand.

His strength is analysing how location based data can impact on business processes in the implementation of organisational change. Prior to NGIS, Richard has 10 years in Mineral Exploration where he managed GIS for major mining company WMC Limited. In this role, he was responsible for implementing a company-wide strategy for managing rapid access to data worldwide. Richard also has seven years’ experience as a cartographer in the public sector with large and medium-scale topographic and cadastral mapping (Torrens and Deeds Office systems).

Richard is a past chair and deputy chair of the Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) Advisory Committee, an organisation which provided key input at a strategic level on the use of spatial data across WA Government and the broader community and was awarded a WALIS Recognition Pin, to recognise those individuals that have made a notable contribution to WALIS.