NGIS wins water grant to innovate in market

NGIS is set to undertake a feasibility study with the help of the Business Research Innovative Initiative Grant 2017. The BRII Grant will allow NGIS to tap into innovative solutions for current problems within Australian water markets. The focus of this feasibility report will be to improve the transparency and reliability of water market information … Continued

Groundwater management gets boost with new tool

The Perth Groundwater map allows you to easily visualise groundwater information within the Perth metropolitan area. Designed to help water-bore drillers, irrigators and private householders establish groundwater bores within the watertable, under the Earth’s surface. This map is useful for indicating suitable areas for development, measuring depths and indicating groundwater salinity levels for approved groundwater … Continued

Finding water register information now easier with new map

  The Department of Water’s Water Register map now allows you to search, view and print all water licensing and availability information for both surface and groundwater resources. Providing an interactive and intuitive map allows you to access all licensing and resource information at any point of interest within WA. The Water Register Map is … Continued

Carto: turn your business data into intelligence

Mapping data in your business has historically been the domain of GIS experts and has relied on complex software that takes time to learn. Strong business cases were needed to justify building applications to display data. Enter Carto: one of the biggest disruptions to the business intelligence industry yet. Carto is a cloud based GIS … Continued

Geofencing: perfectly timed communications for better business

You park at your local shopping centre and your phone buzzes. It’s an instant notification from the centre’s bakery: “Fresh-baked rye bread 50% off today!” This kind of timely, relevant and useful B2C communication is made possible by geofencing and if you’re not already using geofencing technology in your business, now is the time to … Continued

How autocomplete helps reduce shopping cart abandonment

  When shopping online, any additional complexity in the checkout process can lead to shopping cart abandonment. Abandonment is when customers put items in their online shopping carts but leave the site before completing their purchase, resulting in missed revenue. According to recent statistics from Baymard Institute, nearly 3 in 4 online shopping carts are … Continued

How 3D mapping software can help local councils

  3D GIS software Skyline allows councils to evaluate the aesthetic, practical and environmental impact of a proposed project or natural event. This cutting edge technology provides a realistic 3D environment, above and below ground where users can build, edit, navigate, query and analyse data. Skyline provides solutions to local councils’ top problems: shadow analysis … Continued

Four challenges in last-mile delivery that still cost businesses money

by Adam Mullett At the recent Home Delivery Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne around 80 people gathered to discuss the challenge of the notorious “last mile”, the most complex leg of the delivery journey from sender to receiver. Challenges around the exact location of customers – in various places in the world where standard addressing … Continued

Aussies help neighbours most at risk from rising seas

  For the first time, Pacific Islanders living in Vanuatu can visualise how their homes, neighbourhoods – and even popular Australian tourist spots – will be inundated by rising sea levels driven by climate change. The Coastal Risk Vanuatu website, created in Australia and launched globally today, charts low-lying coastline of a number of Vanuatu … Continued

Data-driven approach helping with forestry management

By Nathan Eaton Remote sensing and the increasing use of UAVs are making the management of forestry more accurate than it has ever been. Rapid progress in data capture sensors and techniques in forestry means a massive expansion in the data available to the industry. The opportunity currently presented to the forestry industry is to … Continued