NGIS’ industry leading training courses will help you achieve a competitive edge by equipping your staff with the skills required to leverage the full potential from your spatial technologies.

NGIS training courses utilise relevant, industry specific examples to deliver course exercises that can be directly related to common tasks that are performed routinely in Australia. NGIS is an Australian owned company with 20 years of experience in many different industries ranging from resources to agribusiness, environmental to international projects.

Get trained by the professionals who use the software day in day out and let them show you the tips and tricks that will make your life easier and help you improve your efficiency and the quality of your work.

With NGIS you can customise a training course to utilise datasets used within your organisation, to concentrate on the most relevant tasks and functionalities, and to tailor the desired length of the course to create a structure specifically designed for your needs. Select a training option that suits your organisation and contact us for a quote.

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Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced ArcGIS courses

Introduction to ArcGIS
A beginner ArcGIS Training course with everything you need to know to use the software effectively.

Creating and Editing Data
Advanced ArcGIS Training showing all the tips for creating data.

Map Production
All the tips and tricks that are needed to create functional, effective maps using ArcGIS in a hands-on ArcGIS Desktop training course.

Geoprocessing and Analysis
This Advanced ArcGIS Training course focuses on the vast array of wizard-driven tools available in ArcToolbox and the Querying capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop.

Model Builder
ArcGIS Model Builder enables the formulation of geoprocessing workflows and linking of GIS tasks and functions to produce a desired outcome in an easy to use graphical interface.

Python: Fundamentals, Geoprocessing and Map Production
This is the perfect course to start your journey into GIS scripting and programming. Then take your new Python skills to the next level by designing automated process workflows to drive efficiencies and create weapons grade scripts. Create compiled map products, map series and use Python for bulk managing and updating your maps.

Foundation for ArcGIS Pro
Come and experience the revolutionary must-have desktop application – ArcGIS Pro, reinventing ArcMap for the next decade.

ArcGIS for Geologists
An introductory ArcGIS course customised specifically for the Australian mining industry.

Skyline - TerraExplorer

TerraExplorer Viewer
We live in a 3D world – TerraExplorer gives us the answers to our 3D questions.
Navigate and analyse high-resolution 3D world environments.

TerraExplorer Pro
Visualise your 3D vector and Terrain Raster data on a 3D globe environment, perform analysis on 3D terrain such as viewshed modelling, Terrain Profiles, Slope analysis and perform 3D measurements for surface areas and heights.

Google Courses

Google Earth Pro Workshop
Take Google Earth to the next level with this hands on Google Earth Pro training course

QGIS Courses

QGIS Fundamentals
The worlds leading open source GIS Desktop product.

CARTO Courses

Introduction to CARTO
CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform, providing comprehensive mapping, visualisation and data analytics functionalities.

FME Courses

FME Desktop Basics
FME includes hundreds of powerful transformers to manipulate data structure and content, turning any data processing task into an automated FME workflow.

Advanced FME Desktop
Investigate and use the most popular forms of advanced functionality of FME Desktop.