Geoprocessing and Analysis

Length: 1 Day
Cost (AU$): $650 + GST
Upcoming training dates:
7 April – Perth
10 May – Perth
9 August – Perth
15 November – Perth
2 March – Melbourne


This short course will focus on the vast array of wizard driven tools available in ArcToolbox. Participants will perform a variety of geoprocessing tasks such as clipping, buffering, dissolving and intersecting, as well as employing other tools such as data conversion tools, coordinate system tools and data management tools.

Participants will also delve into the advanced features provided by ArcGIS to query data, constructing complex SQL query statements to interrogate attribute information, and utilising the powerful Select by Location function to perform spatial queries.

Suggested Prerequisite Courses

Introduction to ArcGIS


  • Advanced SQL Querying
  • Spatial Querying
  • Geoprocessing – Clipping, intersecting, dissolving, buffering
  • Complex querying combining spatial and attribute queries
  • Data conversion – CAD, geodatabase, raster
  • Table Joining – Attribute and spatial joins
  • Merging and appending data
  • Checking and repairing geometry
  • Managing ArcToolbox – Create and Edit toolboxes, add tools

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