Agribusiness Management System, Timbercorp

Managing high-quality, large-scale forestry and horticultural projects for investors, Timbercorp needed a consolidated view of its operations that allowed the company to handle its many facets, using relevant and up-to-date information.

Timbercorp manages all sorts of farm land, covering everything from eucalypts and olives to almonds, avocadoes and mangoes, and has to manage different life cycles for different crops across thousands of hectares of land.

The Agrigate application allows Timbercorp to manage its operational budgets, along with associated works management by providing a complete tool for precision tree-farming needs.

This includes activities such as planting, pest control, nutrition and fire control operations, among others, and provides an auditable quality management framework to ensure quality is embedded within their operations.

Essentially, Agrigate is an engine that enables Timbercorp to plan, monitor and track every phase of the production process, online and in real-time. An integrated spatial component allows people to see different aspects of their operations, such as how much of a plantation has been fertilised – and with what – or whether it was subject to a pest control activity.

The second stage was aligned with Timbercorp’s financial year from October to September, configuring budgets and establishing suggested management activities, according to regions, plantations, rotation cycles and best practice.

This helps to better manage tree farm (and eventually other crop) assets by allowing Timbercorp to create a workflow, so when it’s time to thin the plants, for instance, a work order is sent to a contractor. You can audit the work as it is being done, processing payments against the activity.
A third stage is likely to be added to Timbercorp’s Agrigate system in the coming months, adding richer spatial information, such as provenance and more intelligent spatial querying and information display.

Agrigate has the flexibility to plan, monitor and track projects online and in real-time, enhancing management control over every phase of the production process.

This delivers a complete operational portal that is:

  • Fully-linked to multiple sets of corporate and operational data, all in one location.
  • Integrated with real-time spatial intelligence.
  • Available online, able to be accessed anywhere, at anytime
  • Linked to budgets and operational and financial sectors of the business.
  • Automated with multiple business processes.

Key benefits to be gained from implementing Agrigate to existing business systems include improved operational insight, audit and compliance reporting tools, significant productivity savings and optimised workflows.


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